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Let There *Bee 
Food for Future Generations
Food for Our Learners
A Habitat for Our Wildlife

Fruity, At a Glance

Fruity Schools Africa

Fruity Schools Africa is a Registered Non-governmental Organization in Kenya. We grow Grafted and Export Grade Quality Fruit Trees in Public Spaces including Primary and Secondary Schools, Health Centers, Public Parks, Community playgrounds, Police Stations, Chief Camps, Road Reserves, Universities and Colleges among other selected Public Spaces in Kenya and across Africa

As an environmental Charity, we are on a mission to make it simple for anyone and everyone to help the environment by planting and Growing Fruit Trees in selected public spaces

The Fruity Goal

We plan on growing over one million grafted Fruit Trees annually to contribute to the ongoing efforts to achieve 10% Forest cover, Food and Nutrition Security, and other Climate Change Initiatives.

The Fruity Agenda

Fruity City Initiative

We Believe it's Possible

Our agenda is to grow over one million grafted Fruit Trees annually to contribute to the ongoing efforts by the government to achieve the 10% Forest cover, Food and Nutrition Security as well as the many objectives of the Climate Change Initiatives.

The Fruity Impact

We have achieved more than we thought possible

5000 +
Fruity Trees Planted
0 +
Schools Involved
0 +
Hospitals Involved
0 +
Police Stations

The Fruity Rangers

Our Amazing Fruity Rangers champion our agenda. Together we are on course to make our cities greener, while tackling climate crisis, poverty and food insecurity.


Recent Fruity School Activities

US Embassy and Fruity Schools Africa Collaborate to Plant Fruit Trees at Muongoiya Primary School

Muongoiya Primary School in Kiambaa Constituency is set to flourish with the joint efforts of the US Embassy and Fruity Schools Africa. In a partnership led by U.S. Ambassador to Kenya, Meg Whitman, along with Fruity Schools Africa, the Ministry of Education, and the dedicated management and pupils of Muongoiya Primary School, fruit trees were be planted to foster a greener and healthier environment for the students and the community. This collaborative initiative aims to promote sustainability, nutrition, and educational opportunities while enhancing the natural beauty of the school grounds.

Fruity Needs You

How to get involved in our initiative.

Become a Ranger

Rangers show a dedicated COMMITMENT to bettering our communities.

Donate to Fruity

Donate to Fruity Schools to AMPLIFY the impact of our initiative. 

Buy Our Items

Support the fruity initiative by buying our Fruity MERCHANDISE.